Ownership At Work: Creating an “I Make It Happen.” Culture

Best Audience: Leadership/Sales Conferences, National/Regional Association Meetings, and Annual Meetings

How would employee performance and productivity change if you had an “I make it happen” culture?

Most organizations want their managers to play the role of a leader/coach yet most are too busy being a micromanager or putting out fires.

In this program, you will learn the proven process of creating ownership at work.

When people take ownership, they feel like they are winning. Their confidence is high, and they develop a deep level of intrinsic motivation from their work.

Your audience will learn:

  • The 3-Step Process to creating a culture of Ownership

  • How to motivate/empower using the concept of responsibility

  • The difference between action vs. effective action

  • The #1 strategy to increases confidence and identify priorities

  • How to have tough conversations around employee performance and accountability