Optimizing Productivity In The Age of Busyness and Change

Organizations are going through massive changes and people are feeling uncertain,
overwhelmed, and questioning their contribution.


When people take Ownership they work smarter and navigate change better.

As a result, they cut through the daily complexity, identify priorities, and increase performance.

Learning Objectives: Pick 3 for Keynote and 7 for Workshop

  • How to Break Through The “Ceiling of Diminishing Returns”
  • The Negative Impact of the “Fallacy of Doing” and “Information Craze”
  • 3 Stages Of Continuous Growth and Productivity
  • Subtraction: A Daily Process On How To Identify Your 80/20 Activities
  • Why “Thinking Time” is the Birthplace of Innovation
  • Project Selection Process: A Prioritization Process for Projects  
  • How To Accelerate The Uncertainty of Any Change 
  • This Meeting Matters: A Process To Determine A Relevant Meeting
  • The Number #1 Strategy To Overcome Procrastination and Perfectionism 
  • The Power of Time Blocking
  • How To Reframe Failure To Stay Resilient In Uncertain Times  
  • Identify The Impact of Time vs. Energy