Productivity At Work:  Creating an

I Make It Happen” culture.

Best Audience: Leadership/Sales Conferences, National/Regional Association Meetings, and Annual Meetings

What type of future would your organization have if your employees had the mindset of “I Make It Happen”?

Organizations are going through massive changes, and people are feeling uncertain and overwhelmed.

When people take ownership, they feel like they are winning at work again.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover #1 strategy to being productive

  • Understand how to reframe failure for an increase in resiliency

  • Increase confidence by the “80% attitude” to overcome procrastination and perfectionism

  • Identify the impact of time vs. energy

  • The Subtraction Shift: Increasing significance and removing clutter/distractions

Better Thinking vs. More Effort/Resources (1:59 min)

Why Employees Feel Overwhelmed (1:34 min)

Eric Papp - How to be more productive?
How To Be More Productive (5:29 min)

How to Have an Honest Conversation (2:14 min)

Change vs. Transition

Time vs. Energy

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