The Process

1. Identify Commitments and Uncover Concerns

Identifying our commitments (desired outcome) is not the problem for most people, it is that we never spend time on uncovering our concerns (thoughts of worry).

Habitually taking effective action and producing our desired result involves us confronting our concerns daily.

2. Track Progress on Priorities

We become what we focus on.
One way to increase confidence/winning feeling is to track progress on an identified priority.

We become overwhelmed or frustrated when we focus on the distance of our current situation from our goal.

3. Review Standards of Behavior (Values)

When you have standards of behavior; conversations around performance and accountability happen naturally.

The strength of an organization is dependent upon the foundational values of its people. Many organizations claim to have values yet live in a world of self-deception.

The cause of most company problems today can be linked to the lack of standards of behavior.